Pickled dried-radish

Winter Traditions in Miyazaki

Radish is dried under the sunshine about two weeks

Canned Takuan

Unique and popular product in Japan

Clean Working

Our pickled dried-radish “Hinatazuke” uses 100% Miyazaki grown dried daikon radish.

Takuan (pickled daikon radish) is popular traditional Japanese food. It is essential food as one of side dishes and also served with Sake, hot green tea, and enjoyed with rice with hot green tea pured on.

In old days, Takuan uses dried-daikon radish.
Currently, most of Takuan does NOT use dried-daikon radish but uses fresh daikon radish.
However, Hinatazuke use 100% Miyazaki grown dried daikon radish that is valued the traditional process that is drying the daikon radish under the blue sky in winter.
It’s unique flavor and crunchy texture is patronized by our customer throughout Japan as a family use and gift.

We think that it is the most basic of safety, security and tastiness to continue to use Miyazaki grown daikon radish.

Tano-Cho, Miyazaki Pref.

Tano-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture is famous for the most production area of dried daikon radish in Japan.

Michimoto Foods Products Co., Ltd., together with contracted farmer, raised Tano-cho, Miyazaki prefecture where is blessed with warm, sunny climate and fertile soil into the top producer of dried daikon radish in Japan.

Scenery of drying daikon radish on large scaffolding are found here and there in Tano-cho from December to February. It became a winter feature of Miyazaki.

Daikon radish is hung on the large bamboo scaffolding and dried by sunshine and cold wind called Kirishima oroshi. This is a way to increase the unique sweetness and flavour of sun-dried daikon radish own.